How to Build an Effective Website


50% of Canadian businesses do not have a website yet, but nearly 80% plan to have one. Why is that? Because, most of the time, creating a website is puzzling and, in the end, it does not create the expected results. Your business needs a website... Yes! However, it must create results and this is the number one priority! If your site does not generate leads, what's the point?

Aim for effectiveness rather than visual perfection

An enticing visual and a structure to convert.

Many agencies focus on one thing: building a beautiful website. On the other hand, the main concern should be the creation of results. This means having clear calls to action, in the right place at the right time. Designing beautiful websites, that should be obvious; the result of rigorous, intelligent and thoughtful work. In the end what will distinguish you the most from your competition is having a site that converts its visitors into leads, not winning a beauty pageant.

An efficient mobile optimization.

More than 50% of online browsing is done via mobile devices. Having a mobile adapted website is imperative. Your website must offer a consistent and enjoyable experience on all devices. This is not to be taken lightly! Today, if your site is not optimized for mobile, it will be extremely difficult to be ranked on the first page of search results and browsers who access it via a mobile device will leave it in an instant.

An SEO mindesent from day 1!

On-Site SEO optimization is fundamental to surpass your competitors (see our article on The 2 SEO Fundamentals). This is among the most important variables considered by Google. Of course, there are several other variables that help decide who dominates the first page of Google's search results, but it's true that without On-Site SEO optimization supported by an exhaustive web analysis, you will never be able to overtake your competitors on the Web. Your website should be created with an SEO approach from the get-go so that your page structures and all your content are created with clear objectives.

So, for an effective site you need....

Clear goals

Any project requires research and in-depth analysis. It's essential! Know all the variables and execute precisely. That said, instead of trying to do things perfectly, do them with meaning. Do not make assumptions; undertake the construction in alignment with the objectives of the project.

A domain name, of course

Your domain is an asset and it gains in value as your business acquires online authority and history. You don’t have a domain name yet? Do not panic, it could actually be an opportunity to choose one that will be related to your SEO strategy. In the industry, there is such a thing called an Exact Match Domain (EMD), and it is vital to know about their existence. These are domain names that contain the main keyword(s) you want to be ranked on. Having an EMD, can be a serious advantage in some cases; so, choose your domain name wisely.

Intelligent content and an effective structure

Communication is an integral part of online lead generation. Your content must be designed with the goal of creating conversions. The choice of words, images, fonts, spacing and colors must be made to be clear, convincing and striking. Content must be part of a structure that leads to action; it's essential. A bad action structure or, even worse, the absence of calls to action is like having a shop without a cash register. No cash register, no conversions. Conversely, if you have too many calls to action, your browsers will not know what to do and you will not be more successful.

An HTTPS Connection!

Nearly 50% of websites use outdated security protocols that make them vulnerable to threats and put their visitors at risk. It is important that your site makes use of encrypted security protocols to protect your investment, your visitors, avoid SEO penalties and ensure that it stays operational 24/7. Take a look at our article that summarizes the difference between HTTP, HTTPS and why it is important to secure your site.

A lead generation machine!

In short, your site must be a lead generation machine and every step of its construction must be thought through and executed with that goal in mind. It must give an impression of professionalism and must reassure your visitors. Even if the ideal path of action to generate leads is traced, your visitors will not follow if they are not convinced of your expertise. This means a tempting look, intelligent communication and a constant and pleasant experience on all devices. 

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