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Intelo offers web design, reputation management and lead generation. Alone they are powerful, together they are the pillars to online success and our expertise ensures they are impeccably built and continuously improved. 


Foundation | Website

Get your business online effortlessly with a beautiful and result oriented website built to withstand the test of time.

Reputation | Reviews

Showcase your expertise and credibility, gain customer trust and convert more opportunities into sales.

Acquisition | SEO

Take over Google for good, automate your lead generation process and close more deals with less work.


Foundation | Website

Your website is your lead generation machine. It enables you to welcome visitors and convert them into qualified leads, but build it poorly and it will be nothing but a deserted island serving up lost hopes. It starts here, and we've got you covered.

Key Features

Free Domain | Hosting | Mobile Friendly | SEO Optimized


Reputation | Reviews

Whether your online reputation is tarnished or lacking, we can enhance and secure your authority so that consumers trust your brand and never question your credibility and expertise. It's your key to getting the most out of your marketing efforts and converting all opportunities. It's your key, and we've got it.

Key Features

Rating Improvement | Review Management


Acquisition | SEO

Our lead generation services let you dominate your market by taking over Google for good so you can generate new leads on auto-pilot. Ready to take your business to the next level but foundation and reputation not up to par? No worries: we'll take care of it all simultaneously. Let's do this!

Key Features

1st Page Money Back Guarantee | No Retainers | Exclusivity

Trusted Nation Wide

Working with industry leaders and superior quality standards is in our DNA.

Intelo guaranteed I’d hit the 1st page within 9 months. 3 months after kick-off I was up more than 40 positions and on the 1st page for all my keywords. My website is awesome and business is booming!
— Louis-Philippe Gingras, La Poutinerie

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With expertise to make every part of your online presence successful, generating leads on auto-pilot has never been easier.