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Why Intelo?

Bold wiz kids born with computers in hand, pragmatic entrepreneurs and passionate athletes, we are digital marketing experts specialized with local service businesses.



Research, strategy, design, programming, writing, SEM, SEO ... Everything to propel your sales online, we know how to do it.


We work flawlessly. Forget the production of anomaly reports. We do not aim for beauty; it is a result of our meticulous work.


Authenticity is one of our core values. We're allergic to BS. With us everything is said and every dollar invested is justified.


We know the trials of entrepreneurship and we respect the value of money. Our priorities are your results and profits.


The Intelo Process in 4 Steps.

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Web Analysis

We dissect your business to find profitable web markets and develop a tailored action plan based on reliable data. Our web strategies are the result of a thorough analysis and respect of your goals and unique context.



Website Optimization

If you decide to conquer the keywords identified during the analysis, we will start by ensuring that your site will convert the traffic of leads that we will generate, that all the necessary tracking tools are connected to it and that its construction is favorable to your organic long-term SEO.

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Google Ads Campaign

We systematically launch Google Ads campaigns for all our customers. Google Ads campaigns enable us to generate very short-term results, to test your website’s conversion capability, and to identify the most profitable keywords.



Google SEO Optimization

Organic ranking is undertaken when each step is accomplished and favorable; the analysis unveiled a significant web market, your site generates conversions and the Google Ads campaign validated the most profitable keyword families. SEO lets you own your traffic, dominate your market and to stop paying for Google Ads.

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Our Web Services

No panic with the service list! If you know your needs, awesome we speak the same language. Otherwise, we are tech geeks but our process is simple and comprehensive.


Custom Website

Google Ads

Google Shopping

Facebook Ads


Google Display

Google SEO

Social Media



We were referred to Intelo because we wanted to speed up our growth and we were caught with an agency that gave us little support, control and even less results. With Intelo, it was simple. We did an analysis and 2 weeks later our site was online and generating calls. In a month we went from worried about the Web and client acquisition to having a flawless presence, a machine that generates daily calls and a partner that ensures us peace of mind.
— Laurent Châteauneuf, Co-owner Châteauneuf Genest Inc.

Interested in receiving calls from potential clients?

Each project is unique and requires in-depth analysis. Book a free call to discuss your goals, our way of doing things, our case studies and to find out if your industry is hiding an untapped web potential for your business.

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